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We are a design agency that excels in branding. We are brand content generators. We build cultures around brands to make them more likable, distinctive and relevant.

Our diverse wheelhouse of services results in a wide range of projects. To provide an idea of what all Culture Farm is capable of and the caliber of our work, we keep this section up-to-date with highlights of our most recent pieces. Whether it be Packaging Design to 3D Renderings, or anything in between, we always produce a strong final product.

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    • December
    • 2013

    On Being A Copyfighter

    Posted in Uncategorized at 1:14 am From Ashley Braitwaite

    The biggest compliment I ever received was from an art director at Tracy Locke. “Your writing has balls,” she said at a party after a couple of beers. When I asked her to clarify, she said quickly before her beer reached her lips, “It’s just never safe.” Every writer has their own style. For me … Continue reading “On Being A Copyfighter”

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    • December
    • 2013

    The Sloppy ‘Joel’

    Posted in Uncategorized at 4:20 pm From Ashley Braitwaite

    When our photographer Joel made his version of the classic Sloppy Joe for us at the office, we couldn’t resist. The Sloppy ‘Joel’ was an instant Farm hit. Enjoy!

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    • November
    • 2013


    Posted in Uncategorized at 8:45 pm From Ashley Braitwaite

    After last year’s successful debut, Southern Blackberry Cobbler has been put back on the menu at Cowboy Chicken until January 2104. Don’t worry, it still comes with a scoop of Bluebell ice cream on the side but this year there was a new blackberry item making an appearance alongside the cobbler.