Note: A seasoned team will always be working on your account. No matter what size your account may be - you will always receive top flight work for your money. Which, after all, is why people reach out to ad agencies. Another note to the budget-minded: Our array of in-house capabilities make us very unique. While our core competency is branding and design, we have an extensive range of tools to help manifest your brand culture. High-end photography and video rounds out the list to make original branded design affordable.

  • Photography, both food and life style
  • HD video production for TV,websites and social media
  • Motion graphics for on-premise videos
  • Huge studio for photography and TV shoots


We feel that photography can play a significant role in distinguishing a brand. Our art directors meet with our in-house photographer to discuss how they would like the photography to be shot to enhance the brand. The way photography is shot, stylized and color-corrected helps adds to the brand personality.


Culture Farm has invested in our own camera turn-key, editing studio and motion graphics tools. Everything is completely turnkey and in-house. This can be incredibly useful for simplifying complex company stories or tackling budget concerns. Because everything is in-house, our designers are involved in every step.


Our background is heavily rooted in digital integration with all brands. In addition to providing creative design and direction for websites and online advertising, we also offer full interactive communications services through our interactive arm.

We work seamlessly to provide a strategic web plan that includes campaign management and optimization, acquisition and retention email programs, search engine optimization and content management.

Developing ongoing branded content, we believe, is the key in creating a culture to reinforce your company’s promise. Frequent communication is particularly important in positioning and maintaining brands as leaders and innovators.


How do you merge good brand design with 2D and 3D animation, digital content distribution, and menu board installation? We’ve solved that riddle. CF BrandCast is a full-scale digital content generator and distribution system that makes owning digital menu boards, promotional boards or virtually any digital board possible. And by possible, we mean financially viable with multiple options to suit your needs.


We have substantial experience in marketing promotions. We view promotions as an opportunity for your brand to interact with consumers and inspire action. We have full in-house capabilities to take your promotion from concept to execution by providing strategic development to creative execution.

Core Competency

  • Design and Branding

In House Branding Tool

  • TV Production
  • Editing and Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Radio Production
  • Digital Illustration
  • Digital Animation
  • Website Design and Coding
  • 2D and 3D Graphics



  • » Brand Development
  • » Graphic Design
  • » Presentation Development

brand development

  • » Brand Discovery
  • » Brand Generation
  • » Rebranding (Evolution)
  • » Naming and Logo Development
  • » Brand Style Guide/Toolkits


  • » Interactive Marketing
  • » Website development
  • » CMS solutions
  • » Digital POS

production (in house)

  • » Video
  • » Photography
  • » Sound Recording
  • » Editing

strategy & research

  • » Strategic Planning
  • » Research

social media

  • » 360° Social Media Marketing (Planning, execution, communication cadence)