Hello! We’re Culture Farm, a full-service branding agency that vastly expands the definition of “full-service” to make clients’ marketing dollars stretch further.

We are a small agency that does massive work. You’d be surprised how much time is saved when you streamline internal communications. Instead of a vertically tiered system that wastes time by seeking creative approval at every level, ours is horizontal, allowing us to create exceptional creative that is unencumbered by bureaucracy.

You’ll always have seasoned creatives touching your account. Collectively, we have worked for some of the most successful agencies in the southwest on some of the nation’s leading brands.

Lets get to work together!

Core Competency

  • Design and Branding

In House Branding Tool

  • TV Production
  • Editing and Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Radio Production
  • Digital Illustration
  • Digital Animation
  • Website Design and Coding
  • 2D and 3D Graphics
Team Leaders

Scott Collins

Executive Creative Director / Founder

Micah Wimberley

Creative Director

Juliann Furr

Designer / Creative Director

Susan Stone

Account Director

Rodrigo Orellana

Digital Animation Director