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    • 20
    • July
    • 2017

    New Leaf Social Media Video

    New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC

    Posted in 3D concepts | Scott Collins | Social Media | Video at 12:46 pm From Ginny Laurin

    This short video clip is intended for use across multiple social media platforms to grab your attention and bring more brand awareness though humor! By doing this, we reinforce why a third-party extended service contract is the perfect compliment to the purchase of a new appliance.

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    • April
    • 2017

    I’d Eat Carbs

    Good Feet Arch Supports

    Posted in Scott Collins | Video at 3:33 pm From Scott Collins

    These spots were based on the insight that when friends start exercising, it makes others resistant to the change. By making people aware of this with humor, we wanted to inspire them to take the first step and purchase Good Feet Arch Supports. Let the transformation begin.

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    • March
    • 2017

    Brand Essence Video


    Posted in Scott Collins | Video at 4:27 pm From Scott Collins

    GoBowling wanted Culture Farm to create a brand essence video that communicated the joy of bowling as well as sales numbers to attract sponsors.

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    • March
    • 2017

    Make Friends


    Posted in Scott Collins | Social Media | Video | Web at 5:18 am From Scott Collins

    Everybody likes to make new friends – both young and old. Bowling seems to be the perfect connector to meet new people. You can bowl, talk and compete. There’s one thing we learned about bowlers though since being on this account – they’re really good folk.